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K&N 58-1191 - K&N Velocity Stack Air Cleaners


Air Filter Assembly, Velocity Stack, 9 in. Diameter, Round, Stainless Steel, Black/Polished, Filter, Each

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Part Type:Velocity Stacks

Product Line:K&N Velocity Stack Air Cleaners

Velocity Stack Material:Steel

Velocity Stack Finish:Chrome

Air Filter Included:Yes

Velocity Stack Outside Diameter (in):9.000 in.

Velocity Stack Height (in):10.500 in.

Quantity:Sold individually.

K&N velocity stacks are the best setup we know for running clean air into your dual quad intake, without restricting airflow. Consisting of an open, 360 degree element filter on top of a stainless steel velocity stack, these K&N filters can be covered with up to 1/4 in. of debris before air restriction makes cleaning necessary. Then, simply wet them or roll them in cleaning solution, hose them off, let them dry, apply the air filter oil, and reuse them. The filters come pre-oiled.